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Mahogany market will usher in a spring

Updated: 10/26/2015 11:30:23 By Guangdong shunde furniture

2015, in the domestic economic situation and the big adjustment and a series of anti-corruption action against the tiger, and a series of anti-corruption action, the mahogany market has entered the winter period. The dismal sales, stock prices continued to decline, such as pile up like a mountain hand continued pessimism pervades the mahogany market. To grasp the Redwood market, the overall market and future trends in detail, the reporter visited the professional business padauk, austenitic Huangtan of Tianyuan Changhong wood.

Industry status: Mahogany market to enter the adjustment period

According to Tianyuan Changhong general Ho, from the point of view of the overall situation, Redwood market does experience to the unprecedented catastrophe, such as Pterocarpus macrocarpus, Pterocarpus erinaceus, Dalbergia oliveri, low-end mahogany inventory amount is too large, many dealers in order to return the funds as soon as possible, to reduce the rejection of the goods sold, prices are therefore fell to the bottom of the valley and unable to move, now stage padauk prices reported to 12000 - 15000 yuan / ton; austenitic Huangtan reported 22000 - 25000 yuan / ton. This price is completely at a loss, even more than the source of the cheaper prices, upside down phenomenon is quite obvious. However, even such a low price, downstream market still unconcerned, single intention is negative, with occasional buyer orders, the material quality requirement also than ever more high, more carefully.

"In fact, the downturn in the mahogany market, in addition to the impact of the macro environment of the market, more is the result of its own too large inventory. It will be held in 2013 two years ago. At that time, Myanmar is busy tidying up their war situation, too busy to attend to the control on the export of rosewood wood, etc., makes the illegal export of timber behavior is extremely furious, supply has continuously into the Chinese market, coupled with since June, bright red acid branch mahogany wood species were included in the listed in the secondary key protected wild plants (CLTES Convention on international trade in Appendix), belonging to restrict the import and export of endangered species. For a time, the domestic market of wood raw material speculation trend since four, padauk prices have been rising so. After 2014-2015 years, with the continuous adjustment of the domestic economic structure, the stock market speculation boom began to fade, inventory backlog problems began to appear, the market into the downstream channel. It can be said that in the past two years the market is only in order to pay for the crazy behavior in 2013."

"Mahogany industry has entered the stage of a comprehensive adjustment, stage just in the period of transition, as long as the adjustment in place, market is bound to a strong upside, after all, mahogany belongs to the rare resource of raw material, the rigid demand of the market has been a considerable, there is no need to worry about selling out. Therefore, more inventory, not in a hurry, I firmly believe that padauk and austenitic Huangtan next will sell better." In the face of thousands of tons of Burma pear and hundreds of tons of white wood wood He Zong said Tianyuan Changhong inventory.

Future trend: the line of solid this move, the low end of the mahogany market space

For individual timber companies, the future is not very bright prospects, and this stage is the most effective way to do this, the foundation is strong enough, it will not have to worry about, it is convenient for future long journey.

"At present, the consumption structure of the mahogany in the adjustment period, 70, 80, and 90 young people will become the main consumer groups in the next few years. The change of consumption concept and the influence of aesthetic view on the young people, the main consumption idea of the guide will be practical and low price." Tianyuan Changhong what the boss said that the young consumer groups in the income and consumption structure will also mahogany furniture focus in the lower end of the field, that is practical, not expensive, so in the low-end mahogany furniture will in this third generation imprinted and shine in a new generation of young consumer groups. Especially with the arrival of environmental protection and rational consumption, China's economy is slowly into the shift, excessive and extravagant consumption will gradually reduce the share of the market, followed by the rational and pragmatic consumption, the low-end mahogany furniture prices and performance is precisely in line with the people's consumption concept and consumption level.

In view of this, as the low-end materials for padauk, Dalbergia oliveri, broad space for future market appreciation. He pointed out that padauk wood clear, hard material weight, high density and reddish color, some parts have obvious tiger stripes, and exudes a kind of distant mellow, unassuming pear fragrance, in the Redwood to strong stability is known. At the same time, compared with Hainan huanghuali, padauk prices much lower, but it is also a kind of pear a, also known as the fragrant pear, in the market plays moist, such as the role of jade, and occupies a position, in the ordinary pear wood is the most appreciation potential. And austenitic Huangtan, the material whether it is from the amount of surviving, or wood characteristics, historical value are worthy of collection. The first is the historical heritage. It is understood, at present many experts think in the Ming and Qing Dynasties old furniture, white acid branch of figure, a long history of use; second is its beautiful texture, ruddy color, and dalbergia (bright red acid branch) similar like bright red acid branch furniture enthusiasts can from acid branch ends old dream, it can be said that in a certain extent, Dalbergia oliveri is rosewood best alternatives. Third is scarce and austenitic Huangtan stock is relatively small, thin certainly expensive, the future price is great as now the bright red acid branch, more than 10 million yuan / tons, has a larger market appreciation potential.

Forecast mahogany furniture industry trend in the future, to stand in the direction of the big. According to economists, the overall economy of our country will be in May next year to recover, but also industry insiders believe that the recovery of mahogany furniture industry will be earlier than the overall economy, probably at the end of this year will be revealed.

"In fact, the recent Redwood market has begun to show signs of a little warmer, Pterocarpus erinaceus, pear Myanmar in the low-end wood species, the volume than in July and August has improved. It also shows that the downstream market of annatto still exist larger rigid demand." "From a long-term perspective, as one of the carriers of Chinese culture heritage, it has been playing an important role, it is a typical embodiment of the essence of Chinese furniture has the very essence of technological value, high technology appreciation, rich historical and cultural value and value of the collection. In other words, the mahogany furniture industry will endure. Therefore, the current mahogany market in the dark is not terrible, as long as there is a firm confidence. At the same time, timber merchants need to calm face in front of the development trend, focus on the future, to seek long-term strategy; careful management, solid for the move, I believe Redwood market will usher in a piece of springtime!

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