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Market share is to divide up the cabinet enterprise how to realize diversified integration?

Updated: 10/26/2015 11:26:29 By Guangdong shunde furniture

Home industry has always been seen as a huge market cake, in addition to the home business to get involved, housing prices, home appliance enterprises, Internet giants, home improvement companies have settled down, the market share is gradually divided. This for the cabinet enterprises in the meantime, it has advantages and disadvantages, how to realize the diversified integration is the problem that enterprises need to think seriously.

The fierce competition in the market Home Furnishing industry was robbed ""

From the core marketing channel of home shopping market model feedback can see, traffic and customer price significantly reduced, so that the market share of traditional home industry had been robbed. What exactly is who robbed? Insiders said, first, by the interior designer "rob". More and more consumers rely on the designer to carry out home decoration design, so many designers in the design will be completed in the design of supporting sales, consumers do not even have to run the store. Second, the building materials industry was robbed "". We all know that the house decoration is generally the first choice of building materials, and therefore, the building materials industry can be achieved in the upstream, and with custom cabinets, wardrobe industry in the field of building materials, the situation intensified. Third, to be installed software enterprises "robbery". On the one hand, a lot of soft loaded enterprises bear the model of the housing design work, can be in the model of the housing link for home sales, on the other hand, many soft outfit companies can through the creation of the whole home experience hall for consumers in the whole house sales. Fourth, the real estate enterprise "". Housing enterprises such as to industry giant Vanke, Evergrande and country garden,, is actively promoting the hardbound room bag check project, the so-called "mailbag" means all back home sales, the overall closure. Channel to intercept the core is the first to enter the next action before the completion of the first. Home industry in the whole chain has obvious disadvantages, at the same time, the industry marketing thinking is also a big reason.

Real estate to do hardcover? Home business where to go?

For real estate enterprises in the implementation of the real estate hardcover, there are also many home enterprises active participation, but, are in a relatively passive and simple stage. First of all, why do the real estate business in addition to the "hardcover hardcover?" policy, as well as the current situation of excess stock, there are the following reasons: driving tax, real estate tax is to replace business tax with value-added tax(VAT), housing prices need to increase by relatively lower profit margins decline so as to realize the tax cost of procurement; cash flow driven, hardcover sales pace and outstanding speed determines when housing prices survival; supporting value driven, real estate from a sale to commercial property matching, value-added potential; sales to drive, to provide space for the price elasticity of housing prices, sales policy; profit driven, housing prices as the entrance, is the most the advantages of integration, in terms of their vested interests and do not bear the risk!

Then, for housing prices "hard room" closure, Home Furnishing enterprises will certainly not be put in a quandary?. In the implementation of the housing, housing prices also exist many pain points: the owner of the fits, the pursuit of personalized hardcover; cross purchase difficult, the current construction, indoor, home and other related industries are not linked to the standard, for each supplier's professional assessment is also a big problem. If housing prices can not solve these problems well, so do the "hard room" is empty talk.

Last year, a company to provide housing for the real estate hardcover room modular design services, and achieved great success, therefore, more and more real estate companies through residential hardcover to find the direction. And this, in fact, should also give more thinking and surprise home business, home business has its own huge advantages, need to change the way of thinking and way.

How to do the integration of the times in the era of cabinets enterprises?

At present, the market bureau is the key point of the cabinet enterprise is "survival" and not "development". Integration, in fact, involving ideas, models and methods. As, custom building materials industry for the integration of the industry, the front block is the integration of the designer to the channel, and if the cabinet companies only to participate in real estate hardcover, to provide housing for housing prices to customize packages, then it is the integration of housing prices.

Who in the integration, the designer in the integration, building materials enterprises in the integration, the integration of soft loaded enterprises, Internet companies in the integration of the Internet, real estate companies in the integration, and cabinets enterprises must integrate...... This is a pluralistic integration of the times. In this transformation of the intersection, the cabinet companies how to break through the predicament, all kinds of upstream channels, including real estate, Internet and custom, are the way to go to the kitchen cabinets. All enterprises need to judge according to their own strength and the pros and cons, not only and necessity.

The transformation and reform of the enterprise is imperative. In the future, the cabinet companies can not just stay in the store a channel, but also to cater to the trend, embrace the downstream, looking for a more diversified business model, whether it is to customize, embrace the Internet, or with the real estate business, or industry and commerce, building materials business cooperation! Future cabinet market, not just the challenge, more is to seek new opportunities!

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