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Look at the trouble Sherlock furniture industry ""

Updated: 10/26/2015 11:25:24 By Guangdong shunde furniture

Right now, a comedy movie "Charlotte pains" hot theatres, and the film industry box office continues to rosy opposite is furniture industry constantly heard furniture factory, big and small, are failing to close the message, today the largest furniture industry news Mo too Dynasty furniture to close down the factory, as a member of the home industry, have to rethink this is what causes the current furniture industry downturn.

Review of relevant background:

On the evening of October 22, the release of 23 days comedy "Charlotte trouble" cumulative box office breakthrough 12.66 billion mark, success beyond the embarrassing way again Thai embarrassing "(hereinafter referred to as the" Thai embarrassing ") record, among the mainland Chinese film box office rankings of the top three, the mainland cinema eighth.

From the opening day of the mediocre, after word of mouth fermentation completed "counter attack", "Charlotte trouble" become the biggest dark horse of the National Archives well deserved. Although there is no refresh history record but stride forward singing militant songs, the film is a step beyond 500000000, 1000000000.

The more optimistic about the film "Xu Zheng" was released in Hong Kong embarrassed in less than 10 days in the case of being suppressed.

Royale furniture factory closed in again by the merger of subsidiaries scant oneself in food and clothes.

2015 on 25 October 11:11 new financial observation report following the Tianjin branch factories shutting down a year, Dynasty furniture is located in Guangzhou, mainly the production of sofa factory was shut down. Furniture industry market for three consecutive years continued to decline, so that the even has been called furniture "Whampoa Military Academy," the industry giants, also got in on the consolidated subsidiaries "austerity" dilemma.

In the industry view, Royale furniture outlook is not optimistic. At present, Royale furniture there is a need to pay great attention to the problem, is to maintain the capital chain.

"Such a large enterprise, once the conflict with employees, out of some bad news, such as shutting down the factory, it will be very dangerous." A furniture business owner in Guangzhou, he was a new (a pseudonym) told reporters that the new financial observation.

In his experience, similar Royale furniture such large enterprises, all face is the need for funds to maintain, now whole furniture industry downturn more than 3 years of time, almost every furniture enterprise funds chain are very nervous. This time, once the enterprise which exhibited negative, suppliers of funds chain will find the door to money, valued partnership was, perhaps, not the funds withdrawn, but certainly will later delivery payment in cash. In this way, will give enterprises more serious financial pressure, capital strength is relatively weak enterprises, at this time can barely maintain, most still can only apply for bankruptcy.

"In Guangzhou, every day a few such enterprises are forced to collapse." He said.

More than two events probably, after reading, let people feel is a cold warm two kind of heaven and earth, in the film artificial Charlotte can be in the dream to achieve my past life does not achieve the aspirations of the and back to reality can also get your true love Ma Dongmei, his original to in reality that important people give up, not hesitate to choose really love their own people. This is for a person is "regret" is the opportunity and time and truly love them together.

But as a furniture maker can not go back to the past again and looks realistic estimate is not very optimistic. Otherwise, it will not be as to pass close to sell point of factory to survive. Although the situation is different, the industry can not, but there is a point in common, that is, innovation, creation, scarcity. The film is a kind of spiritual products, "Charlotte trouble" popular itself is originality of the movie itself affirmed, and this reputation is better than the same period the release of "Hong Kong embarrassing." In fact, the furniture industry is also the same problem, the furniture product itself is visible, and this industry is relatively low entry threshold, if a furniture enterprise lack of R & D innovation for its own products, production and other people are almost, so it is natural to the price is low, consumers who buy, if not from the development of enterprises in the final performance in the price above the price, so the enterprise in the tide of history will certainly not last long. Instead, an enterprise if innovation is so sure of his life is also very strong, like the Apple iPhone, not so much to tell annually after the release of the new product in the powder would rush, rush to queued up to buy, consumer behavior itself is the creative quality of the enterprise evaluation.

Furniture Companies in the next few years, if not in the product design and development efforts so believe that there will be more furniture factory closed down the road, so that innovation is the soul of the nation, the enterprise, as long as the innovation can be in the fierce competition in the market based ah.

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