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The three factors of "the pit" dealer furniture enterprise is king in

Updated: 10/23/2015 11:25:56 By Guangdong shunde furniture

As the main sales channels of furniture enterprises, furniture dealers in recent years, the development of the survival and development pressure is growing. According to the insiders broke the news, the existence of the furniture dealer is a pit, which is mainly affected by the impact of the three major factors. As a community of interests, furniture enterprises only fill dealers fall into the pit, in order to achieve the win-win.

Factor 1: product quality

For dealers, product quality problems should be the most afraid of encountered. For those who are still able to accept the final product, the dealer needs to be repaired, extended the entire sales cycle, and for those who need to return, the dealer or even need to assume all the expenses. More serious is that the problem of product quality for dealers and brands in the local market reputation, are fatal. Time a long, its brand is difficult to continue to do in the local.

Furniture industry product quality problems, mainly concentrated in two aspects: the first is the production process of the problem, the second is the problem of supply process. First of all, the production of the product problems, the basic focus on the new series. Manufacturers to develop new products, we must go through a run in period, including the characteristics of the material, the production of convergence and the storage of finished goods, etc., these links will be a problem. In addition, the problems occurred in the process, a few years ago, there have been a series of business development of the Bai Liangguang family, very popular in the market, the continuous supply of goods, manufacturers have no problem. But later we found that a lot of furniture shipped to the city, there have been a touch of paint, because too many complaints, and finally distributors are directly with good material, please repair the master to repair their own good furniture. Fortunately, the company's products are too popular, coupled with the latter part of the process improvement, to make this problem can be solved smoothly.

Factor two: delivery cycle

The delivery cycle in the furniture market, depending on the type of furniture, generally in the range of 20 - 50 days. If it is in the county-level cities, if the stock is large, you can do the spot delivery (in fact, a lot of county-level city market generally more recognized by the way); if it is mahogany furniture, usually delivery time will be longer. In fact, in the actual sales process, most consumers are able to accept the delivery cycle, after all, the purchase of furniture is in the house decoration, even before the renovation, as long as the arrival of the goods, the basic will not have any problems. But the dealer is afraid of the delivery of the commitment period, the product has not been to, this time if customers make up, their deferred compensation is small, the key is in the market reputation will be affected.

Then, the manufacturers promised to the delivery cycle, how can it be achieved? This is mainly due to the impact of the two major factors of the short season and investment. Furniture sales are also divided into the off-season and the season, even if the enterprise is normal production, supply, and can according to the different coordination of production capacity, but the reality is still a difference in the supply cycle. So those who have experience and seniority of the dealers, often based on different time in advance orders. In addition, furniture enterprises investment this is a commonplace, but if the enterprise did not estimate their capacity and blind expansion of the market, the consequences will be dealers to bear, the consequences of this is the basic enterprise all of a sudden investment too much, results can not be timely delivery, dealers get the goods, not to consumers account, bring a pile of complaints.

Factor three: price increases

Generally speaking, to improve the ex factory price is normal phenomenon, such as the annual cumulative 10% or so, or to accept, but a substantial increase in the ex factory price, there is a problem. Compared with the delay in delivery and quality issues, blindly prices in the industry, which is rare, because the basic equal to dig a pit for oneself: Furniture circle is so big, when dealers are aware of the factory before crazy prices, who would dare to cooperate with?

Blind price increases in the field of solid wood furniture, some manufacturers have just entered the field of solid wood furniture, or the development of a new variety, according to their own estimates, while the reference market with the type of product prices, after their own estimates, a factory price system. Then the smooth investment, until the scale of production, suddenly found the price of raw materials rose sharply, or production process in the production process can not be controlled, or production cycle is too long, and so, eventually led to a substantial rise in production costs, so manufacturers began to spread to dealers, hundreds of points or even higher prices, and ultimately to promote the dealer. , of course, or in front of the said, rarely enterprises will have a substantial increase, because this is equivalent to the enterprise's own reputation in the industry, which completely destroyed! Even in previous years, mahogany furniture raw materials soaring, enterprises prefer to use wood hoarding to alleviate, or follow the crowd to price increases.

With the furniture market competition is becoming more and more fierce, furniture enterprises only to their "intention" or "accidentally" to the dealer to dig a pit filled, to achieve better development.

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