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Analysis of the development trend of furniture industry in 2015

Updated: 10/21/2015 11:41:39 By Guangdong shunde furniture

With the rapid development of the furniture industry, the increase in demand for raw materials is bound to lead to a large number of raw materials, wood consumption, which has become the hidden dangers of environmental protection furniture. And if the use of a number of long - growth cycle of rare species, but will make the natural resources were destroyed. Today in the global timber resources increasingly scarce, the voice of environmental protection is more and more high, the use of growth cycle is short of high-quality wood to replace other wood species has become a top priority and become a trend, specifically how to please see below 2015 pine furniture industry development trend analysis:

Pine furniture most mainstream potential

Pine this fast-growing species caused some solid wood furniture manufacturers including Home Furnishing, Hanson's attention. Pine furniture is the earliest birthplace is Nordic Nordic manufacturers creatively decayed for magical, originally is excess resin crowded fast-growing species dried skim into high-quality plates. In Europe, the pine furniture sales accounted for 60% of the total sales of solid wood furniture in from Europe to China's exports of furniture, are also suitable for Asian climate characteristics and high price of natural pine furniture mainly.

Pine products R & D team bold prediction: in the next few years, pine furniture will be the champion, becoming the vanguard of environmental protection furniture trend. Pine furniture with good elasticity and permeability, strong practicability, durable. Compared to the more important is the extensive use of adhesive non solid wood furniture of air pollution, pine furniture also have to absorb air toxic and harmful substances, purify indoor air.

At present, pine furniture is not only popular in the domestic market, but also by Europe and the family identity. According to the statistics of the Italian furniture research center, Chinese pine furniture exports in 7 years increased five times, rose from tenth to second place, second only to Italy. The domestic price of pine furniture though not that expensive imported furniture, quality favorably, but to and imported furniture brands struggle chambers, there is still a long way to go.

"International consumer awareness of the environment has constantly improving, the awareness of domestic consumers is not very strong, but in the environment of pine furniture of choose and buy, be sure to see whether it is' green label '." The so-called "green label" means to obtain the internationally recognized FSC forest certification mark, as the food for the "green food" certification, FSC forest certification is to meet the environmental standards of wood and its products labeled "tags", to ensure the sustainable development of forest.

That is to say, the FSC forest certification ensures that the forest is according to the environmental protection and sustainable management, and ensure affixed with the FSC logo products from sustainable development of forests. It requires from the forest starts, including from the transportation of logs, planks, until the pine wood furniture production, all processes are subject to control, is of wood products certification throughout. Only get the certification of enterprises, in order to truly ensure the pine furniture products of raw materials from FSC certified forests. More home environmental protection industry, the latest information, please refer to the Chinese report hall released the 2015-2020 China home environmental protection industry market survey report.

However, due to the FSC forest certification system in our country, the market share of China's furniture products is not small. According to a recent EU policy of "trade incentives", if the export to the EU countries of goods, including forest products, the production process to meet the EU's requirements, you can enjoy a certain percentage of tariff concessions. Wood products once labeled FSC, in the process of export to the EU is likely to get the EU's trade incentives, so as to apply to the Customs for a considerable proportion of tariff discounts.

Chinese pine furniture industry has entered a mature stage, the market tends to saturation, it is imperative to how to guide to the healthy development of the furniture industry. The continuous exploitation of resources has already made the furniture raw material is very scarce, in the solution of the home environment protection at the same time, manufacturers should pay more attention to the protection of natural environment.

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