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Furniture industry reshuffle four major categories of furniture enterprises have their own characteristics

Updated: 10/21/2015 11:40:52 By Guangdong shunde furniture

Since 2014, the furniture industry whipped up a wave of closures, and continued to spread in the first half of 2015. Insiders believe that, with the real estate sales increase, economic recovery, the furniture industry reshuffle will come to an end, the next period of time will be very difficult to appear on a large scale closures, and after the earthquake, the furniture industry, terrain landscape will be changed, the major categories will be re divided territory.

The shuffling period, the development course of China's furniture industry will form a quadrupedal pattern, namely in Shenzhen as a representative of the high-end furniture, in Tianjin, Shandong as the core of solid wood furniture, in Nankang, Shunde core low-end furniture, taking Zhejiang Province as the representative of the export of furniture. Four major categories of furniture enterprises in the product positioning, value, and other aspects are showing a different characteristics.

The fertile soil of Tianjin, Shandong wood furniture

You can not understand the solid wood, but must not know the solid wood. Tianjin in many years ago, it has become one of the main production base of the northern solid wood furniture, and now, Tianjin's solid wood furniture production in the country is second to none. Solid wood factory in Tianjin, regardless of quantity or production process, are in the national leading position.

Tianjin's solid wood furniture developed so fast, thanks to other provinces and cities can not match the inherent advantages. First of all, Tianjin port to transport, northern wood and Russian imports of wood and other raw material costs low; secondly, Tianjin precipitation less suitable climate, processing and drying of wood is easy to store, moisture content properly, is guaranteed to produce the products without aliasing, not deformation. Finally, labor costs and transportation costs in Tianjin are lower.

In addition, Shandong wood furniture can not be underestimated. In China Furniture Association announced the 37 furniture industry cluster, Shandong accounted for 3, and solid wood furniture industry in Shandong Province, the dominant category, accounting for 85% of total wood furniture, the total ranks first in the country, including Ji'nan, Binzhou, Qingdao, Dongying, Ningjin, and other places are solid wood furniture development area.

Shenzhen high-end positioning trend design

Shenzhen is known as the design of the furniture, the furniture has been designed to fight the world, in order to export enterprises and the national market leading enterprises are in the majority, some of the enterprise scale continues to expand. Past, Shenzhen furniture, mainly software is in the majority, now in software, European and American style mainly, champion in the industry. So the "national furniture watch Guangdong, Guangdong furniture look at Shenzhen" argument. In addition, the vast majority of Shenzhen furniture companies go in the high-end line, follow the international trend design, the main line of the city.

In recent years, Shenzhen's furniture business to the development of the brand is increasingly attached importance to the rise of the left and right sofa, CHEERS, colorful life, pine Fort Kingdom and Shenzhen furniture enterprises in the industry set up a side and side of the big flag, for the glory of Shenzhen furniture manufacturing added a touch of bright color.

Nankang, Shunde with the electricity supplier overtaking

For high-end furniture, the electricity suppliers approach is still not adapted, but for the lower end of the panel furniture, electric business is an important opportunity for their development. According to the traditional line of sales channels, furniture from manufacturers to dealers and then to the hands of consumers, the price can reach 2.5 times the ex factory price, while the use of Taobao and other electronic business platform to reduce the intermediate link, can greatly reduce the price.

Mainly in the production of low-end furniture industry cluster was formed in Nankang, Shunde and other regions, more than 7000 furniture enterprises, employing more than 30 million, more than 700 billion yuan of output, this industrial base to Nankang furniture business development provides favorable conditions. With business rise to seek development, Nankang, Shunde furniture riding Internet in the east corner overtaking, in Internet mixed fast. It is reported that in 2014 3000000000 Yuan, Nankang business transactions, there are 2800000000 local furniture products.

Zhejiang internal and external sales simultaneously with the characteristics of regional brands

Zhejiang Province, the furniture industry emphasizes two legs, marketing mode and "take in export. 2014 1~11 months, Zhejiang province furniture export value of 55470000000; Zhejiang 1-5 month 2015 exports totaled $94950000000. But by the EU "timber and wood products regulation and environmental protection in the new design instruction", weak external demand and so on, since March of this year, Zhejiang furniture exports appear unstable growth. In the adjustment of the structure of the furniture industry, Zhejiang province furniture enterprises through cooperation agreements signed with the chain stores, and other ways to expand domestic sales channels, occupy a second tier cities, down to the three or four line towns.

In addition to the internal and external pin simultaneously outside, the furniture industry in Zhejiang also formed nine characteristics of regional brand, namely Yuhuan classical European style furniture, Yiwu, Dongyang mahogany furniture, Ningbo Office furniture furniture, cabinets, Haining export furniture, sofa, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, modern furniture, Jia good exports of wood furniture, Anji swivel chair and Shaoxing soft mattress.

Solid wood furniture, high-end software, low end plate, export furniture, the four major types of furniture industry development, each with its own characteristics, each have their own way of survival. "A root is easy to fold, a handful of chopsticks is broken", the formation of industrial clusters, the production is the "one chopsticks" effect.

This "chaotic" reshuffle in the furniture industry, furniture enterprises Baotuan heating, the survival of the fittest liezhe eliminated. In the process of constantly adapting to the market, the adjustment of the self, who will fall in the competition, who can grasp the opportunity to achieve a hero in the future, we will wait and see!

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