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Mahogany market will usher in a spring

2015, in the domestic economic situation and the big adjustment and a series of anti-corruption action against the tiger, and a series of anti-corruption action, the mahogany market has entered the winter period. The dismal sales, stock prices continued to decline, such as pile up like a mountain hand continued pessimism pervades the mahogany market. To grasp the Redwood market, the overall market and future trends in detail, the reporter visited the professional business padauk, austenitic Huangtan of Tianyuan Changhong wood.


Market share is to divide up the cabinet enterprise how to realize diversified integration?

Home industry has always been seen as a huge market cake, in addition to the home business to get involved, housing prices, home appliance enterprises, Internet giants, home improvement companies have settled down, the market share is gradually divided. This for the cabinet enterprises in the meantime, it has advantages and disadvantages, how to realize the diversified integration is the problem that enterprises need to think seriously.


Look at the trouble Sherlock furniture industry ""

Right now, a comedy movie "Charlotte pains" hot theatres, and the film industry box office continues to rosy opposite is furniture industry constantly heard furniture factory, big and small, are failing to close the message, today the largest furniture industry news Mo too Dynasty furniture to close down the factory, as a member of the home industry, have to rethink this is what causes the current furniture industry downturn.


The three factors of "the pit" dealer furniture enterprise is king in

As the main sales channels of furniture enterprises, furniture dealers in recent years, the development of the survival and development pressure is growing. According to the insiders broke the news, the existence of the furniture dealer is a pit, which is mainly affected by the impact of the three major factors. As a community of interests, furniture enterprises only fill dealers fall into the pit, in order to achieve the win-win.


To solve the development of "three big difficult" cabinets enterprises to seek long-term development

Cabinet industry has developed so far, although the popularity of continuous improvement, but in the development process has also been a lot of problems. For example: the lack of corporate brand building, the lack of planning capacity of the case, the electricity suppliers can not be properly grasped, etc.. For these problems, the cabinet enterprise only quiet down to the proper solution, to get more long-term development.


China's manufacturing 2025 horn sounded wardrobe companies need to upgrade

All along, manufacturing industry is an important part of China's economy, and has become an important weapon in China's participation in global competition. With the "China made 2025" horn sounded, as a part of the manufacturing industry, wardrobe industry to improve product quality, accelerate the transformation and upgrading has become a trend.


Analysis of the development trend of furniture industry in 2015

With the rapid development of the furniture industry, the increase in demand for raw materials is bound to lead to a large number of raw materials, wood consumption, which has become the hidden dangers of environmental protection furniture. And if the use of a number of long - growth cycle of rare species, but will make the natural resources were destroyed.


Furniture industry reshuffle four major categories of furniture enterprises have their own characteristics

Since 2014, the furniture industry whipped up a wave of closures, and continued to spread in the first half of 2015. Insiders believe that, with the real estate sales increase, economic recovery, the furniture industry reshuffle will come to an end, the next period of time will be very difficult to appear on a large scale closures, and after the earthquake, the furniture industry, terrain landscape will be changed, the major categories will be re divided territory.


Development status and future operation of the furniture manufacturing industry

Furniture manufacturing industry as the manufacturing industry sub sectors, the overall performance characteristics for the less the number of listed companies, total market value of the small, but "the sparrow is small, be fullies equipped", furniture manufacturing industry has a complete industrial chain and mature sales model. This article focuses on the development of the furniture industry and the characteristics of the industry, and summarizes the improvement of the industry's supervision of a few suggestions.


Depth analysis: the future of China's furniture industry road in where?

China's furniture industry is a macro trend is a serious problem, not the slightest bit of pseudo science, only the pursuit of truth, and make clear the origin of things, it is not to be misled by some noise. Industry attributes, is the basis for our discussion of the problem, but also the internal cause, any external factor must be through the internal can play a role. The logic of the evolution of the industry is also based on its own properties, and the future pattern and form of the industry also has its inherent laws. Blatant is not a desirable gesture.

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